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About Grand Theft Auto 5 Game

Grand Theft Auto is the series of action games, where the open world and freedom the authors gave us redefined the sandbox subgenre once again. The possibility of doing anything we want, including stealing cars, driving around the city, interacting with bystanders, shooting to criminals, being a criminal – all these aspects as well as realistic approach to some aspects of life gained millions of fans all over the world. No wonder the latest release of GTA had such a positive feedback. Today on our page we wish to show you some of the reasons why Grand Theft Auto V has been nominated multiple times to variety of awards and won many of them!

Published on X360 and PS3 in September 2013 and on PC, PS4, and XONE in April 2015, the game takes us back to the city of San Andreas, which was prepared based on the city of Los Angeles and surroundings. How does the storyline present in here? The huge difference between this instalment and previously released is of course the number of characters with which we can observe the game. We are no longer limited to one guy. This time we can play as three independent characters, who have their own story, their own desires, and their own goals. Franklin, a young guy from slums, wants to earn fortune very quickly. Michael, once a bank robber and criminal, is now living a quiet life after becoming crown witness. Yet when in need of money, he decides to go back to his “job”. The third character we can control is called Trevor. He is a former associate of Michael, who is now living in the country, just outside Los Santos. Initially, nothing indicates that their histories will connect. However, later on they start to work together to earn more money.

When it comes to audio-visual settings, the game is much more detailed than its predecessors. Even versions of the game released on consoles do not have so high-end graphics and PC version. Because of that, we can witness amazing special effects, great presentation of a map that was built based on more than 250 gorgeous pictures of Los Angeles. What is more, the gameplay mechanics were adjusted to make sure each and every player will enjoy the game without any problems with controls. To be honest, the steering is so intuitive, you are going to feel like home after a few hours of playing.

The game has been reviewed multiple times and in here we are not going to discover anything new. Yet, people seems to forget about mention online features of the game. If you purchased GTA V, you have also acquired access to GTA Online, which is a completely standalone game. There, we can personate one of numerous characters and cooperate with other players in many different activities. Sounds interesting? It surely is! So, do not wait any longer, get your own copy of the game and test all the interesting features the authors from Rockstar Games studio prepared for us!

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